The time I realized my son was SPIRITED

He was maybe around 2 years old.
It was the end of the year school party.

All the kids were seated and were looking at the teachers doing a little show.

My son was the only one who got up and left the room. I looked at his teacher in a panic, she very calmly reassured me that it was a normal child’s behavior and nothing to worry about.

Fast forward 2 years later, he gets up from his preK class and tries to get out of class, guess he thinks that’s normal behavior? Acceptable? doable? Clearly the teachers try to stop him but if they touch him that’s it, he would hit them. If you ask him why he would explain they were “bothering” him.

Somehow the teachers response reinforced this behavior rather than stopping it and went on for months. Evaluations didn’t show anything because I know what the problem is, he is SPIRITED. He thinks he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and nobody would “bother” him. I wonder when he will realize that it doesn’t work like that. So far he has done it already in 2 private school and has been asked to leave the school.

We are trying public school next, will they kick him out too? I am sure they will if they could. But after all he is NOT a bad boy, he is actually very sweet, caring and loving he just thinks he can do whatever he wants.

We’ll see. I’ll update if you are interested in the rest of the story.


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