The time I found out I had a fibroid

It was about 2010, DH and I have been trying to conceive for about a year. Me periods were getting heavier and longer and more painful each week.

At one point the first few days of my period were so painful that I couldn’t even get up from bed. My periods were lasting about 12 days, the first few were very heavy.

I went to my dr who brushed me off. I usually appreciate it when they brush me off and it means there is nothing concerning but this time I knew there was something off.

I asked for an HSG (I think this was the name?) the test sends some dye in your Fallopian tubes to see if they are open.

I was FREAKED out when I went. I first googled the review of different radiology centers. All of them had bad reviews. I found one that had 1 review, it was a good review and it was about the HSG.

I went on my own. Not sure why my husband didn’t come with me.

By the time they called me in I was crying. I remember a middle aged man calling my name and taking me to the changing room. He saw me crying and asked me what was wrong. I told him I was scared. He tried his best to calm me down, he was very sweet.I am sorry I never got his name.

I changed to a gown and was taken to the radiology room. It was a scary machine, I had to lie down on it. To be honest we are talking about 5 years ago and I honestly do not remember it very well. I know that the radiologist was a very kind older man. He was very nice and gentle and the procedure didn’t hurt as much as expected.

At the end of the test the radiologist did something he (apparently) is not supposed to do. He told me what was wrong. I had a 2,5 (or so) cm. fibroid inside my uterus. I had never heard of such a term, he called him tumor, imagine how much I freaked out, I asked him how it could get fixed and he said surgery.

When I left the facility I called my husband in tears telling him I had a tumor and needed surgery.

Once home I started googling everything about it. I decided to try to get rid of it with alternative, natural remedies.

Tried for a few weeks but every day I felt less positive about it working, and time was running out as I was already 36.

I decided to look into surgery.

I went to 3 big RE specialists in NYC.

Dr Muckerjee at RMA
Dr. Goldschlag at Cornell
Dr. Berckley at NYU

The first one suggested a shot of a drug I can’t recall the name but after researching it and realizing how expensive it was (read, bonus points for dr if he sells it to his patients) and the side effects I put an X on him.The shot was supposed to get the fibroid (which was not so big to begin with) smaller.
Besides that all, he wanted to give me full anesthesia, which I was not happy about.

The second dr is the one that made me feel more at ease. Was very calm, serious and professional. I asked him clearly if he suggested any shots before the surgery and he, getting my hint, told me I won’t need a shot of the drug discussed previously. And also he said he would be able to do the surgery in twilight anesthesia, what more could I have asked?

But just to be on the safe side I went also to the 3rd specialist.
Dr, Berckley wanted to knock me down as well. Can’t recall he he suggested the shot or not, but he didn’t give me a good feeling although he had good reviews on various websites.

Clearly I picked Dr. Goldschlag.

Surgery went well, I wrote about it in another post and exactly 5 months later I got pregnant naturally for the first time.







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