The time when high FSH meant NOTHING!

It’s almost 2 years since we started trying to conceive baby #2, in this time my SIL already had, not one but 2 more babies.


2 months ago I finally decided to see a RE (AGAIN, damn them). First thing was a sonogram and a day 3 hormonal blood test. Sonogram showed one ovary working better than the other, trying to be positive (which I am usually not) 1 is better than nothing.

Blood test results came the following week: slightly high FHS – 10.5 (I am 39 years old). PANIC!
Doctor was not too happy but not too concerned either, from what I could decipher from the tone of his email (!)

FSH, what the heck was that?
Google came to my rescue.
ok, something about eggs and blah blah …. didn’t care. Was there a way to lower it?
Yes, acupuncture, wheatgrass …. in my search I stumbled on a book on Amazon. I bought it. It was about a woman in her 40’s trying for baby #2 with no success. She had high FSH, but hers was 50.
The book is about her journey and the steps she took to try to conceive.
With an FSH that high doctors didn’t even offer her the option of IVF so she started alternative remedies to lower her FSH in order to be qualified for assistance.
Her journey included juicing every morning, going to yoga, meditation and wheatgrass shots (these are the ones I remember), now, mind you, this happened in the 80’s which is some time ago, now you have more stuff such as Reiki, bodytalk and more BS to try.

Anyway, end of the story she was able to lower her FSH, not much though, maybe to 30 or so and got pregnant, guess how? Naturally.

When I finished reading this book I started crying, not tears of happiness but tears of desperation because I was not pregnant.

2 weeks forward, I was walking home with my son from summer camp and met this woman who looked older, with a 3 years old. We started talking, she was telling me that she had 4 kids but the gap in age was odd for NY where all kids are about 1-2 or max 3 years apart. So I pointed that out and she told me her story:

She had already 2 kids but she really wanted a third one. It wasn’t happening. They decided to see a RE who said that her FSH was high and her husband’s sperm was basically useless. They tried a few rounds of IVF anyway with no success.
Her period (sorry for TMI) was regular and she was ovulating regularly and they were having intercourse and the perfect times but still nothing.

Randomly one day she got pregnant but she didn’t even think she could be.
She finally got her third child, but that wasn’t the 3 years old I had seen with her. He happened a few years later, when she was 44 or so, her period was all over the place, who knows how high her FSH was at that point considering it was already high 6 years before ….she and her husband went out to party one night and then all tipsy had some fun in bed forgetting to use the condom (apparently she didn’t believe in birth control, and no, they didn’t really want more kids). and that’s when baby #4 happened. Like that, 1 try, 1 night, with high FSH and crappy husband’s sperm. If you ask a RE he would say that is impossible. Oh well, it happened. Take that.

So, never say never, I guess?




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