The time when I got tinnitus

I have been trying to conceive now for 2 years with no luck. Thank Gd I already have a child but it’s still painful.

A few months ago I woke up one morning and my ear felt odd, I could hear a sort of “fetal” heartbeat in my right ear, it happened mostly when I was lying down or bending down.

I thought there was wax trapped so I decided to schedule an appointment with an ENT. For some reason all ENTs were fully booked, I believe it was allergy season.

I called every ENT I could find on yelp who had decent reviews and finally found one who was able to see me.

When I stepped into the office I knew something was off, this Dr was specialized in sniffles/allergies not so much in wax trapped in ears but I had no choice.

They called me in and I was seen by a PA (physician assistant) who, after I explained the situation, said “she feels it too sometimes” – not so reassuring to be honest with you.
She went ahead and start looking into my ear, she located some wax but it was way too deep to be removed although that didn’t stop her from trying and hurt me.

When she didn’t succeed she clearly thought to dump half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in my ear and let me rotten then for 10 minutes. By the time she came back I couldn’t hear a thing from my right ear and I still felt the beating in my ear.

Finally the Dr. showed up. He steps in and stares at me. I am not ugly, I am kind of cute, I was cuter when I was younger but I am still cute, anyway, he stares at me (he was a young guy) and after a few moments he says :”Have you been here before”? – I was thinking thank Gd no but what I said was “no, why? Do I look familiar?” he clearly thought so.

Anyway, he went ahead and took a suction tool, he put it in my ear and the most enormous piece of wax came right out making me lose a few needed pounds that I could not afford to lose.
He put it on a piece of gauze and gave it to me to take home as a souvenir.

I thought that was the end of my tinnitus problems but I was wrong.

I went home and waited a few days. The heart beating sound in my right ear was still there. It was there mostly when I lied down on my bed at it was silent but I could hear it also when I was standing in the bathroom and was leaning forward … IT was getting on my nerves. I realized that when I tried to breathe deeply to calm my nerves when beating feeling almost went away, or was just less loud.

I figured I had to learn to live with it as everywhere I looked it said there was no solution for it.

In the meantime I was also waiting for AF to show (my period, for who is not common with those initials). It was late. Could I be pregnant? Doubtful. But I was indeed late.
I was 10 days late. I still had the tinnitus. I read it could come with pregnancy.
I finally took a pregnancy test, but apparently I bought the wrong one, blue dye seems to be a no no, not accurate (so why do they sell them???!), ok, so I got another one, pink dye, better according to the community forum experts.

Guess what, it gave me a faint positive but don’t get too excited.

I knew there was something off, I could feel it.
I kept on checking my underwear. Literally every other minute as something felt really off (except for my tinnitus) and kept on feeling “wet” -sorry for TMI- , finally a few days later SHE showed up. It was devastating but I knew there was something wrong. I take it as it was a chemical pregnancy.

On a good note, after a few days my tinnitus slowly disappeared. And that was my happy ending of the month.

For who still deals with tinnitus, my Bodytalk practitioner said that he healed his own mother from tinnitus in like a couple of sessions. So maybe you may want to give that a shot, nothing to loose I guess!








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