What happens when you are not ready for your 3 years old to start PreK

My 3 years old who is turning 4 in October may very well be ready to start PreK, who is not ready is his momma.

I am a stay at home mom, he drives me crazy, don’t get me wrong, definitely not an angel of a kid, lol but I have to say I miss him. He is now is school till 3 PM. He just started last week. The first few days I was miserable, I betted the Director to move him down to nursery as he was the youngest in his class and apparently that is not so great for boys.

In NYC public schools the cut off is apparently December 31, which totally makes sense to me.

In private schools though it varies from July/August till October. My son’s current school’s cut off is October 31, so My son being born in the middle of the month is one of the youngest (if not just the youngest period) in his class. My husband insisted on pushing him to PreK, I had no idea and I fought all summer with the school Director, who wanted to put him in nursery, to push him up to PreK (I was dumb!).

My son is not tiny, he is solid, thank G-d. But as soon as I stepped into the class the first day of school I saw a boy who towered over him by a bunch of inches. That was not good, being tall and solid I thought my son could blend in nicely with 4/4.5 years olds.

I started panicking, what if he gets picked on by a bully, what if this, what is that? I was miserable. So I went to the Director (who probably understood I am crazy, by now) and begged her to move him down to nursery.

She sat me down and very calmly told me that they will give my son 2 weeks in PreK and see how he goes then we will decide.

2 week? 2 WEEKS????? Are you crazy? By then my son would probably get to know all the teachers, and start feeling comfortable for what? To get moved to another class with totally new kids and teachers? I was so miserable that I couldn’t do anything but accept.

Day 1 of full day, I ask my son “what did you have for lunch?” he:”nothing, can I have sushi tonight?” (he is obsessed with sushi).
“I can only buy you sushi if you eat your lunch at school”
“OH! I did eat lunch! I ate pasta and broccoli, don’t you see them stuck in my teeth? aaaahhh”  – you can’t say he isn’t sneaky.

FYI, I didn’t believe him and didn’t buy him sushi that day but he ate his dinner nicely.

We’ll what happens, will keep you posted!




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